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Payallar is a promising area for investment

We continue to introduce you to the developing areas of Alanya, which are worth paying attention to. Previously we shed light on Demirtas, and now we are moving on to another area of the resort that is gaining [...]


The requirements for obtaining citizenship when buying real estate have changed

The General Directorate of the Land Cadastre of Turkey has changed the rules for obtaining citizenship by investing in real estate from $400,000. The new rules will come into force on January 1, 2023. The agency [...]


What things can you take with you to Turkey?

When moving to another country, it is not necessary to start everything from scratch. It is possible to take part of your belongings with you. You can transport things to Turkey in various ways, but you need to take [...]


How much does it cost to start up a business in Turkey and the UAE

Last year a large number of Europeans rushed abroad. An important issue for many was the opportunity to open their own business in a foreign country. The most demanded in this regard were two countries: Turkey and [...]


Turkey or UAE: where to buy real estate?

Recently investors from all over the world have turned attention to their favorite resorts. Among countries with a warm climate, affordable real estate and loyal conditions for obtaining a residence permit, Turkey [...]


Reasons for increased demand of second-hand real estate in Turkey

According to Turkish real estate sales statistics in 2022, almost 70% of the sold housing was in the second-hand market. Why has second-hand property become more popular in Turkey? In total, 1,480,000 residential [...]