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About the company

Mayalanya Group was established in 2005 in Alanya. Our business is the synergy of successful people, each of whom is a pioneer in their own field, making significant contributions to Turkey's social and economy, both at the macro level and at the regional level.

The founders of Mayalanya companies have gained knowledge for many years in various sectors such as real estate, tourism, trade, investment and consultancy. We create employment by combining the experience of the founders with the energy of a young and experienced staff consisting of engineers, architects, consultants, lawyers, economists and more.

We continuously improve the quality of our products by raising the level of VIP services we offer to our customers. Many of them have been using our investment tools for 16 years.

Mayalanya Group offers a wide range of products to meet all the needs and expectations of investors. These include brokerage services, investment advice, various studies and measurements, as well as the translation of strategies into clients' project portfolios.

International group of companies in the field of investment

17 years
100+ Projects
1000+ Properties
480.000m2 Agricultural land

We understand that every buyer is unique, so we try to anticipate their wants and needs from half a word, saving time by providing all necessary assistance in buying Turkish real estate. Whether it's the acquisition of a luxury mansion, villa, flat in a residential complex or building for business, with us you can make the right choice with maximum investment profit.

Do you need Turkish property? Cooperate with us!

Real estate company Mayalanya will help you choose a property that will fully satisfy even the most demanding wishes. Our work is always an operational assessment of the state of the market, the availability of up-to-date data, the nuances, advantages and disadvantages of the proposed objects, the choice of the most suitable solution.

We know the value of time and understand that you are not ready to spend a long time searching for a suitable option for private property, so we will present you the best residential and commercial building options in Turkey as soon as possible.

We strive to establish an honest and open business, long-term partnerships and friendly relations, trying to get the best out of the business, and our clients can control the execution of the trading process at every stage.

With Mayalanya, you will be the owner of a unique, prestigious, high quality and truly profitable Turkish real estate!

We offer

Большой выбор недвижимости

Wide selection of real estate

Индивидуальный подход

Individual approach

Юридическое сопровождение

Legal support

Гарантированная инвестиционная привлекательность объектов

Guaranteed investment attractiveness of objects

Отдел заботы о клиентах

Customer Service Department

Командная работа экспертов

Teamwork of experts

Our offices

Alanya office

Saray, Atatürk Blv. No:56, 07400 Alanya/Antalya

+90 532 422 07 07 info@mayalanya.com

Our details

the company name Mayalanya gayrimenkul yatırım insaat sanayi ve ticaret anonim sirketi
ADRES (the company address): Atatürk Cad. No:56 Alanya / Antalya / Türkiye
VERGİ DAİRESİ (tax Police Department): ALANYA V.D.
VERGİ NO (TIN of the Company): 6131667665
HESAP NUMARAMIZ (account number): 0571 53001223
BANKA ADI (bank where the account is opened): Halkbank
BANKA ŞUBESİ (branch of the bank where the account is opened): Alanya merkez sube
BANKA ADRESİ (the bank address): Saray Mah Ataturk bulvarı no 63
ŞUBE KODU (branch of the bank where the account is opened):
HESAP SAHİBİ (account holder): Mayalanya gayrimenkul yatırım
IBAN NO (account number): TR21 0001 2009 5710 0058 0011 28
We will help you choose the property that suits you

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